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HVAC, Furnace or Air Conditioning Repair can present a few unexpected costs. Let Nortek help you out with the cost of your service by using one of these service discount coupons.

Visit our blog for helpful tips and advice on saving money, including:

Save Money by Saving Water

There are few necessities that we, as living beings, require to survive. That being said, we have no choice but to pay for these necessities to live out our lives. One of these few necessities is water. Every home has to pay for water every month, and it comes in so many different uses: drinking, washing, bathing, etc. However, did you know that there are simple changes you can make to your home and your lifestyle to cut back on the amount of water you consume on a day to day basis. We’ve provided a few tips on how you can help conserve water and also conserve the money in your wallet at the same time. >> Read the tips

Keep Your Home Warm Without Your Furnace

While your furnace is essential to ensuring you and your family are at your desired air comfort level this fall and winter, did you know that there are several items you can do around your home to allow your furnace to run less than you currently use it at? It’s true! Nortek has compiled a list of Keep Your Home Warm Without Your Furnace Tips so you can keep your heat from escaping your home and see the results on your utility bills this winter. >> Read the Tips

Great Energy Saving Holiday Gifts

We’ve provided a list items that are common to purchase for the holidays, but more energy efficient models. >> See the gift ideas

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